Dr.Cem Kinay Statement regarding Dellis Cay & Joe Grant

Istanbul, 22.01.2022

Statement of Dr. Cem Kinay on Dellis Cay and Joe Grant

I understand from Turks and Caicos Islands sources Slot Bet Rendah that Dellis Cay, our private island development is under offer.

Since 2009, I have Slot Gacor Maxwin been living stripped of my basic human rights and my assets in Turks and Caicos Islands. It has been 13 years since my name was leaked in an unredacted Commission of Inquiry report in 2008, and

10 years since a TCI Court has Slot Pragmatic concluded we obtained benefits because of a perfectly legal political donation to Hon. Michael Misick, then the Premier.

As a Slot Bet Kecil result of allegations, Trinidad Tobago Unit Trust Corporation has appointed a receiver to Dellis Cay and placed our land for sale back in 20009.

Then, only 200 acres of Joe Grant Cay which Slot Maxwin we acquired for 3.2 million at an alleged “undervalue” with the approval of TCI Governor Richard Tauwhare is sold for 4.04 million for whole island, to private investors back in 2013.

The allegations Slot Bet Kecil 100 that Joe Grant Cay was worth much more than what we paid for, proved to be completely rootless.

The TCI courts did not admit our expert witness statements, valuations, and our appeals were not heard. This transaction is unlawful, and we will go in 2022 to Human Rights Court for this unlawful transaction.

In fact, there was no “favor” from anyone for any of my developments in TCI. I have been simply victimized by politics. My assets were frozen, and hundreds of people lost their jobs. A Slot Gacor Hari Ini lot of villa and residence purchasers lost their assets too.

I will Slot Maxwin continue my legal actions for Dellis Cay as any cost and will not leave this private island which I have paid my hard-earned funds to acquire from its private owner in 2005. I have spent years planning, designing, organizing, and attracting internationally repute designers,

like Zaha Hadid, Piero Lissoni, Shigeru Ban, Kengo Kuma, David Chipperfield, Carl Ettensperger, Chad Oppenheim, hotel operators like Mandarin Oriental Hotels and Bulgari Hotels, as RTP Slot Tertinggi well as customers for this development and

I will not let it go.

I am calling on Premier Hon. Washington Missick, Deputy Premier EJ Saunders and His Excellency the Governor, Nigel Dakin to stop any RTP Live transaction because of unlawful sale of my property and make me and my partners and purchasers a part of the solution for this development.

God bless Turks and Caicos People.

Dr. Cem Kinay

Owner of Dellis Cay


Direct Rule of UK in Turks and Caicos Islands-Story of Dr.Cem Kinay Part 4

Direct Rule of UK

On August 12, 2009, former Turks and Caicos Islands premier Michael Missick

has lost his appeal against the earlier rejection by the High Court in London of his

bid to challenge a decision by the British government to suspend the territory’s


Following the decision in the Court of Appeal in London on 12th August and on

the instruction of UK Ministers, The Governor brought into force the Order in

Council suspending parts of the Turks and Caicos Islands constitution.

Ministerial government and the House of Assembly are suspended meaning that

Cabinet would no longer exist and the House of Assembly is dissolved and

Members’ seats are vacated. The constitutional right to trial by jury is also

suspended with immediate effect. In accordance with the Order in Council, this

will be for a period of two years, subject to extension or abbreviation as


The Governor was responsible for the government of the Turks and Caicos


Special Prosecutor

A Special Prosecutor, Ms. Helene Garlick was appointed to investigate the case.

There would be investigation concerning the Politicians (as the Final Report makes

a recommendation to investigate the Politicians)

a. If the Prosecutor will have sufficient evidence to charge the Politicians,

she will be making the charge, and we should look at a 6-9 months trial

period, and appeals for the Politicians.

b. Whilst we believe there is sufficient for the police to request an interview

of developers, including myself on the basis of a suspicion that I sought to

bribe the Premier in relation to Joe Grant Cay, the preparations are made

for it and strong evidence to prove the contrary are ready.


TTUTC is a financial services company (“the Bank”) operating in Trinidad and

Tobago. The Bank’s Merchant Banking department undertake the origination,

structuring, marketing and public pricing of public offerings and private

placements of equity-related securities as well as debt securities for local and

regional corporations, institutions and regional governments.

Despite our attempts to cooperate and assist the Bank to understand the issues

surrounding the leak of the unredacted report, and the issues surrounding Turks

Development Ltd, which has made the political contribution to the ex Premier

Missick on Jan 2007, and the political risks associated with Turks Ltd, The Bank

has changed its position vis-à-vis the Company, its Directors, despite a very

recent letter of comfort that it had provided.

On 27 August 2009, I have have met the Bank’s Board in their Board Room, in

Trinidad. They asked about the Commission of Inquiry and whether the Bank’s

funds were used for political donation. We have responded that the political

contribution in question was made on January 2007, well before any relation with the bank.

As a result of the Governor’s and Bank’s negligence, we have suffered loss and

damage and as result, on 15 October 2009, a Receiver was appointed by the Bank.

To date, $174 million has been spent on Dellis Cay.

The development has gone into receivership due largely to the adverse publicity generated by the

unlawful publication of the complete (unredacted) version of the final report of

the TCI Commission of Inquiry.


Commission of Inquiry in Turks and Caicos Islands-Story of Dr.Cem Kinay Part 3

Commission of Inquiry

On 10 July 2008 the Governor of the Turks & Caicos islands appointed Sir Robin
to conduct an Inquiry into possible corruption or other serious dishonesty in
recent years of past and present elected members of the legislature. Public
hearings were held in the course of January and February of this year. There
were 20 counts of allegations against Mr. Misick, who resigned due to those
various allegations.

Most of the existing developers in the Turks and Caicos Islands were also mentioned during the Commission’s work.
In the course of the hearings, among many other developers, and questions, It was
put to politicians that Joe Grant Cay has been sold to me in June 2008 and my
partners at an undervalue and that a political donation of US$500,000 in January
2007, made by myself shortly before an early election called by the Premier
Michael Misick , was a bribe connected with negotiations that were underway at
that time in connection with the purchase of Joe Grant’s Cay.

No request was ever made by the Inquiry to me to give evidence, but nonetheless wrote to the Inquiry setting with an expression of my concern to allegations in circumstances which were grossly unfair and a breach of the principles of natural justice.

Furthermore, I have made preparations with our UK lawyers for any
possible investigation concerning the valuation of this property together with the
details of the political contribution. In that respect: We have finalized with CB
Richard Ellis, Savills of UK , Ernst & Young as well as local appraisers such as
CASL, BCQS, and Concept Plus, numerous valuation reports of Joe Grant Cay as
of June 30, 2008.
We have collected evidence, and records of the political contribution made in Jan
2007, including confirmation letters from our banks, that demonstrate that the
contribution was in fact no secret, and could not be construed as a bribe. It is
perfectly legal to make political donations in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The Judicial Review

Against the risk of being named in the Auld Report, we have asked the High
Court of Turks and Caicos Islands to Judicially Review the Final Report, and deal
with any mention of Joe Grant Cay, and Dellis Cay and myself, if any.

The Supreme Court of Turks and Caicos Islands called for the removal of any
adverse reference to me or my companies from the Final Report of the Turks and
Caicos Islands Commission of Inquiry. In his ruling, His Lordship the Chief
Justice of the Turks and Caicos Supreme Court, Gordon Ward OBE agreed with
my counsel, Clare Montgomery QC, that there was a “clear and almost total
failure by the Commission to follow its own procedures.”

The Chief Justice in his Judgment stated that I have not been given a fair hearing:

“I am satisfied that Dr. Kinay has not been given a fair hearing and that

even the limited terms of the Salmon letter do not remedy the earlier

errors. He had a legitimate expectation that the Commission would follow

its own procedures in respect of a person considered to be implicated and

it failed to do so.

The final allegations did not arise from the evidence to

which he replied on 30 January 2009 and he had no indication that further

allegations would be raised against him entirely without notice. “

“The Commission clearly has the right to recommend that there be further

investigation of a named person but the manner in which the reasons for

any such recommendation were obtained and presented to the public

hearing were so clearly in breach of the recognised standards of fairness

that they must be ultra vires the Commission’s powers. If included in the

Final Report, they should not be published or mentioned in any statements

about the case.”

The Public Leak

Early on Saturday July 18th 2009, the Turks and Caicos Commission of Inquiry

published a redacted version of Sir Robin Auld’s Final Report. The purpose of

redacting the report insofar as it related to Dr. Kinay was to remove adverse

references to me and my companies. However, as His Excellency the Governor

later acknowledged, it became apparent that it was possible to access the

unredacted text and I asked him to take steps to have the Final Report removed

from the Commission’s website.

By July 21st, 2009 it had become apparent that the unredacted report was widely

available. In response to evidence of that and an application by Turks and Caicos

Weekly News and WIV Channel 4 News Dr. Kinay did not seek the continuation

of the injunction. It was accepted that Dr. Kinay was an innocent victim of the

disclosure of the unredacted report. Those adverse references had been made

unfairly. Regrettably they have now been given publicity. That does not make

them fair when they are not.

We have also received a letter from the Attorney General of Turks and Caicos

Islands,. The letter expresses the Governor’s regrets with his unreserved apologies

to Dr Cem Kinay, director of Turks Ltd. The Governor’s apology relates to the

discovery of the possibility of uncovering the redacted parts of the TCI

Commission of Inquiry Final Report which was posted on the Commission’s

website early on Saturday July 18th 2009. The purpose of redacting the report

insofar as it related to Dr. Kinay was to remove adverse references to Dr Kinay

and his companies. The Chief Justice had found on June 18th, 2009 that the

adverse findings made against Dr. Kinay were unlawful and that it is unlawful for

the Governor to publish those findings.

News People

Story of Dr.Cem Kinay in Turks and Caicos Islands Part 2

Dr:Cem Kinay

Dellis Cay

Dellis Cay is  a pristine island situated in the Turks and Caicos Islands, a British Overseas Territory. It is a 20 minute boat ride from the main island of Providenciales and next to Parrot Cay.

Dellis Cay would be the most spoken project worldwide with an investment of one billion USD and would be home for around 100 families from around the world and around 1000 TCI people would get a job at world best hotel company Mandarin Oriental .

I am sure Dellis Cay ,when would be completed and opened in 2010 ,would change the whole destiny of Turks and Caicos Island.

I have today still the same belief.My involvement in the TCI dates from early 2005 at which time I was seeking development opportunities for the development company, the O Property Collection Gmbh, Austria which was also owned beneficially by the Austrian Foundations.  The aim of O Property Collection was to leverage my and my partner Oguz Serim’s successful background in luxury resort development and management. We are highly regarded in that industry. I was introduced to Donatella Zignone Dini, then the owner of Dellis Cay, a private island of 560 acres of which 220 acres were privately owned by one of her companies Dellis Cay Development Company Ltd (DCDC), and the remaining 340 acres TCIG owned in the Turks and Caicos Islands. As of 30 June 2005, Dellis Cay had no Development Agreement, therefore no zoning, no permits, no water, some roads, and an underground electricity line passing through the island.  Turks Ltd bought the island for US$18 million.

I have on November 2006 signed a management and branding agreement with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group for the branding and management of Dellis Cay.

I have hired for this exceptional development worlds best and well known architects, design partners.



Shigeru Ban, born in Tokyo, studied at the Southern California Institute of Architecture from 1977 to 1980, and graduated from the Cooper Union School of Architecture in 1984. He was apprenticed in the studios of Arata Isozaki from 1982-83 and in 1985 he opened his own studios in Tokyo. In 1996 he was awarded the Kansai Architect Grand Prize and the first prize in the Mainichi Design Award. Ban is known for his research into the use of economic materials, especially Paper Tube structure.  His recent projects include the Japanese Pavilion at Expo 2000, and the New Pompidou Centre in Metz, France. He also worked for the UNHCR to develop refugee’s shelters in Rwanda and disaster relief houses after earthquakes in Kobe (1995), Turkey (1999), India (2001) and the Tsunami in Sri Lanka (2004).

Ban would undertake the construction of the Caribbean’s first true over-the-water villas in Dellis Cay’s “South Beach” Lifestyle Zone. Each villa would l be divided into a main villa located on the beach and a floating house that will be entirely surrounded by water and linked to the beach by a discreet floating deck.  Ban would also design one of the “The West Beach Estates,” located at the most desirable location on Dellis Cay and enjoying the longest beachfront and the largest villas.  A sparsely developed Lifestyle Zone with most of the natural vegetation of the cay intact, the West Beach Estates will offer magnificent views of the reef located just offshore. 



David Chipperfield trained at the Architectural Association in London and worked for Douglas Stephen, Richard Rogers and Norman Foster. He was a founding member and director of the 9H Gallery and a trustee of the Architecture Foundation. He is currently Professor of Architecture at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart. David Chipperfield Architects was established in 1984, and has since undertaken work in Europe, Japan and the US. In 1997, Chipperfield won a major competition to redevelop the Neues Museum, one of the most important public buildings in Berlin, involving its reconstruction and re-interpretation as a historical monument. In 1999, he was awarded the Tessenow Gold Medal, and in 2004 he was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for services to architecture.

David Chipperfield Architects would be responsible for design and development of the “North Beach” Lifestyle Zone at Dellis Cay. The North Beach development lies on a natural peninsula, enjoying spectacular views of both the neighboring island of Parrot Cay to the north and the island’s mangrove interior to the south. David Chipperfield Architects would develop modern luxury villas, each with at least 150 feet of ocean frontage affording direct access to the channel that connects Dellis Cay and Parrot Cay. 

Chipperfield would also design one of the “The West Beach Estates,” located at the most desirable location on Dellis Cay and enjoying the longest beachfront and the largest villas.  A sparsely developed Lifestyle Zone with most of the natural vegetation of the cay intact, the West Beach Estates will offer magnificent views of the reef located just offshore.



Carl Ettensperger, Managing Director of C&C Studio, a Singapore-based boutique design studio, is a graduate from the Art Centre College of Design, Pasadena, Calif. His illustrious career includes being an MD of Hirsch/Bedner & Associates (HBA)

and Wimberly Allison Tong Goo (WATG), Singapore, as well as setting up his own company, Interior Design Network International Pte Ltd (IDNI), in 1996. C&C Studio was established in 2001. He has been involved in some of the most prestigious mega-projects in the hospitality industry, including The Residence Hotel in Tunisia; Grand Hyatt, Taipei; St George’s Terrace, Australia; Grand Hyatt, Bali; The Canyon Ranch Spa Club, Las Vegas; The Park, Calcutta; Hyatt Regency, Kathmandu, Nepal; Canyon Ranch Health Resort; and the Bali Hyatt Spa in Indonesia. Some of his more recently completed projects are The Living Room, Marriott Hotel, Singapore; the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong; Leela Palace Hotel in Bangalore and Bombay and the Hilton, Maldives.

Carl Ettensperger has also been selected to develop over-the-water villas in Dellis Cay’s “South Beach” Zone.  These water villas will be created in a style reminiscent of traditional Asian architecture, and will be adjacent to the over-water restaurant, a main attraction on the island, where residents and guests will enjoy fine dining on the pristine beach.Carl Ettensperger died in 2013.RIP for him.



Zaha Hadid studied architecture at the Architectural Association in London, where she was awarded the Diploma Prize in 1977. Hadid began her own practice in 1979 with the design of an apartment in Eaton Place, London, which was awarded the Architectural Design Gold Medal in 1982. Since then, Hadid has won many awards, and most recently was the recipient of the 2004 Pritzker Architecture Prize. Hadid’s past projects include Strasbourg (2000), JVC Hotel Guadalajara (2000), National Library of Quebec Montreal (2000), and Bergisel Ski Jump Innsbruck (1999), among others.  Hadid has won many awards for her work, and most recently was the recipient of the 2004 Pritzker Architecture Prize.

Hadid has been commissioned to oversee the Dellis Cay Master Plan, as well to design the futuristic-themed “Marina” Lifestyle Zone, which includes luxury condos and a hotel, a number of beachfront villas, a commercial building with restaurants and boutiques, a marina with 110 slips and 4 to 5 mega-yachts, and a lighthouse.  The Marina Zone will encompass fluid architecture that uses water as a common design element, both outside and inside the marina space.  Hadid will also design the one of the “The West Beach Estates,” located at the most desirable location on Dellis Cay and enjoying the longest beachfront and the largest villas.  A sparsely developed Lifestyle Zone with most of the natural vegetation of the cay intact, the West Beach Estates will offer magnificent views of the reef located just offshore.Zaha Hadid died in 2016.RIP Zaha Hadid



Kengo Kuma established Kengo Kuma & Associates in 1990. The architect’s numerous residential works, museums, and other public facilities have received on-going critical acclaim and have won several national and international awards including the prestigious Architectural Institute of Japan Award in 1997. Recent projects include LVMH Group’s Japan headquarters completed in 2003, Suntory’s new Tokyo office building, and the Kodan Shinonome apartments completed in 2004, as well as the Great (Bamboo) Wall House – a structure formed primarily of glass and Chinese bamboo – outside of Beijing, completed in 2002. In addition to a professorship at Keio University’s Faculty of Science and Technology since 2001, Kuma frequently lectures at other institutions.

Kengo Kuma has been commissioned to create the “Spa” Lifestyle Zone at Dellis Cay, including what will be known as the Spa Lake Villas as well as the exclusive and exotic Resort Spa. Kuma would also design the one of the “The West Beach Estates,” located at the most desirable location on Dellis Cay and enjoying the longest beachfront and the largest villas.  A sparsely developed Lifestyle Zone with most of the natural vegetation of the cay intact, the West Beach Estates will offer magnificent views of the reef located just offshore.



Born in 1956, Piero Lissoni started his career as a designer in 1978.

After his Architecture degree at Milan Polytechnic, he started his collaboration with Boffi  in 1985. Together with Nicoletta Canesi, Piero Lissoni founded Lissoni Associati (1986) and Graph.x (1996) developing projects of Architecture, Interiors, Industrial and Graphic Design in addition to Art Direction and Corporate Image.  Among his clients : Alessi, Boffi, Cappellini, Cassina, Flos, Fritz Hansen, Glas, Kartell, Knoll International, Lema, Living Divani, Matteograssi,Poltrona Frau, Porro, Tecno, Thonet and Wella. Among his recent interior realisations: interiors of the Shangri La Hotel & Resort in Miami; a private villa near Como.

In Venice, restoration and furnishing of all common areas of the luxury Hotel “Monaco and Grand Canal” and the Bacaro Bar, a multifunctional space bar-library-restaurant adjacent to Hotel Monaco; in Istanbul the Bentley  design hotel ;  in Switzerland the “Al Porto” Hotel by the  Zurich Lake; in Tokyo the “Mitsui Garden” business Hotel in the trendy neighbourhood of Ginza.

In November 2005, Piero Lissoni  received one of the highest recognition in the design world: the prize “Hall of Fame of Interior Design” in the occasion of a reception  in  New York Waldorf Astoria and more recently  the “Best Kitchen 2005” Elle Décor International Award  for“ Table System ”  Boffi kitchen .

Lissoni would be responsible for architectural and interior design of Dellis Cay Phase I, comprised of the main Mandarin Oriental Hotel with ultra-luxury penthouses, residences, and beach villas.  The Hotel building will accommodate general areas such as the lobby, restaurants, bars, and pool. Lissoni will also design the one of the “The West Beach Estates,” located at the most desirable location on Dellis Cay and enjoying the longest beachfront and the largest villas.  A sparsely developed Lifestyle Zone with most of the natural vegetation of the cay intact, the West Beach Estates will offer magnificent views of the reef located just offshore.

  • On June 2008, the construction started and continued on Dellis Cay until October 2009.
  • The Dellis Cay development was funded by a mixture of funds from us, sales of residential lots and loans from the Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation. 
  • The development proceeded in an unremarkable fashion from that date with the usual succession of planning applications (46 so far) and permits obtained.