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From Left to Right: Layers, Paths, and Scissors The focus of this article is on the art of photoshop and the development of good image manipulation skills. The basic tools are the Layers window, Paths, and the Scissors tools. You can use Photoshop CS6 for most of what you will learn to do, but you should find it useful to learn how to work with the older versions as well. The article will focus on CS6 and newer features. Suppose you want to add a scribble to a thumbnail that has already had the large “artistic” typeface added. To add a scribble, simply activate the pencil tool and draw a line on top of the existing art. You can also use the paintbrush, the eraser tool, or the paint bucket to make a new layer if you need to, then draw with the pencil tool. You can manually adjust the length of your line by using the size tools in the tool bar. You can change the color of the line and the fill by selecting the colors from the options in the color bar. The line you make can be a solid color or a line with a gradient. If you need to erase the drawing, select the Eraser tool and use the brush to erase the pencil line. You can make a new layer with the Layer menu and click New to make a new layer. Then draw on the new layer with the pencil tool. Alternatively, you can make a new layer with the Layer menu and click Duplicate and the Layer dialog box will appear. You can then draw on the new layer with the pencil tool. The Line Tool The Line tool is a permanent link between two points. It allows you to make a straight line or to select a path using the Paths palette. To make a line, select the line tool from the Tools menu. The Crosshair cursor changes to the default bezier tool and your cursor will turn into a pencil. Click and drag to make a line or the bezier tool will automatically line up. You can hold down the SHIFT key to constrain the path to a straight line, if you want. If you release the shift key, the automatic bezier tool will automatically release the path. You can use the LINE tool to do freehand drawing on the canvas. With the drawing tool active, a white line will show the currently placed point. Click anywhere

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PSE is an excellent tool for basic image editing. It can change, add, crop, frame and angle images. The Photoshop Touch app is available for iOS and Android smartphones. It contains advanced features to work with Adobe Photoshop as a touch-based application. The app allows you to paint, draw, edit, crop, and apply various filters directly on your photos. It is a quick way to change and transform your photos. But Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) is the ultimate tool for photographers, graphic designers and web designers. It has all the functions of a professional-level photo editing software. The ultimate tool for social media content creators, VSCO is a seamless camera app that makes editing and creating photos faster than ever. Vector stock photos can be easily inserted in graphic design projects. They allow you to have a perfect corporate logo, website, or social media icons. VSCO is a personal photo editor that allows you to transform your own photo into a professional-looking finish. Vector is becoming more popular than ever. Its popularity is on the rise due to the increase of modern and digital content on the Web. As a result, designers and other professionals use vector graphics on their websites and blogs for their pixel-based designs. Stock art photos allow you to purchase graphic photos that already have been edited. They are safe to use as you can reuse them in different projects. VSCO is a leading community that creates high-quality photos. It has several customization options that allow users to create their very own VSCO templates. VSCO has a very easy-to-use interface with a library of more than 250,000 VSCO photos. It allows users to take, edit, retouch and share their images. Kuler is an online utility that allows users to create various color themes and color schemes for inspiration or design a color palette for an upcoming photo project. Color is a beautiful and precious aspect of nature. Color theory is about understanding and manipulating color for a more pleasing result. Designing a pattern for a fabric or an embroidery is an artistic endeavor. Get the best one for your next pattern! Colorful objects are beautiful. They stimulate your senses and add life to your projects. The color wheel is a standard in color theory. Learn more about color with this simple tutorial. Nothing makes a project more beautiful than the right color scheme. 05a79cecff

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