2011 Annus Horribilis by Lillian Misick


Fellow members and citizens of the TCI – as this is the last session of the Consultative Forum for the year, I feel obliged to offer some remarks in my capacity as Chair.

2011 is not a year on which I shall look back with undiluted pleasure. In short, it has turned out to be an Annus Horribilis.

Many of you will no doubt recognize my allusion here to Her Majesty’s famous Guildhall speech in 1992. In her case, though, she was merely referring to the personal woes that had befallen the House of Windsor – ranging from the breakdown of her children’s marriages to the burning down of Windsor Castle itself.

By contrast I’m referring to the national woes that have befallen our nation this year – ranging from the recent arrest of former government ministers on charges of corruption to the imposition onerous taxes and fees that have us feeling as though we are paying fines for the crimes those ministers allegedly committed.

But, as we are fast approaching the dawn of a new year, I think it is best to look forward and not dwell too much on the past.

This brings me to the parental role the British are playing by implementing structural reforms to help us avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. But let me hasten to clarify that I use the term parental advisedly.

For, on the one hand, far too many of our people seem oblivious to the fact that, even though our country is known these days as a British Overseas Territory, we are still for all intents and purposes a British Dependent Territory. And nothing demonstrates this quite like our having to rely on the British government not just to prosecute our crooked politicians, but also to bail us out of the financial black hole we got ourselves into.

On the other hand, far too many of our British overseers seem oblivious to the fact that they are partially responsible for creating and, by current accounts, now deepening that black hole. And nothing demonstrates this quite like British officials not just ignoring for years the alarms some of us were sounding about the corruption they are now trying to clean up, but also reporting recently that our national debt has almost tripled from $71 million to $200 million all under their fiscal management.

This latter point is especially noteworthy because it also reinforces what I have been trying to impress upon the British for some time now: namely, that some of us may be able to offer far better advice on solving our economic problems than the British experts who have been retained to do so.

Apropos of this, I urge them to hire one of our certified public accountants to replace the expatriate Chief Auditor who I gather was summarily fired yesterday under what can only be described as dubious circumstances.

All the same, I am pleased to report that the UK minister for Overseas Territories, Mr Henry Bellingham, now seems committed to developing a relationship between the UK and TCI that is defined by mutual respect, mutual trust, and mutual appreciation. He demonstrated this by inviting Advisory Council member Theo Durham and me to join Governor Todd as TCI delegates at a conference in London a few weeks ago, which was aimed at redefining the UK’s relationship with its Overseas Territories.

I must say it was both humbling and heartening that the heads of all of the other territories expressed abiding sympathy with our plight and shared their hope for our return to local rule as soon as practicable.  But we need only reflect on how inured the British were to outside criticisms (constructive and otherwise) over the suspension of our constitution in the first place to appreciate the folly of looking to others to help us define our relationship with them.

In any case, it was with this profound awareness that I shared my views with Mr  Bellingham and other UK officials on what is necessary to forge a more collaborative relationship going forward.

As a general proposition I admonished them that no number of structural reforms can ever compensate for the spirit of distrust and alienation of goodwill that are growing between us.

I informed them that this distrust and alienation will only grow as long as our people have just cause to regard transparency and consultation as nothing but empty words. And it does not help in this respect that every aspect of our lives is being governed these days from behind closed doors by a gaggle of UK advisers who now populate every nook and cranny of our local government.

I pointed out, for example, that mere token consultation with forum members would have spared the British the public spectacle that attended the announcement of their civil service voluntary redundancy scheme. Not least because even I, in my capacity as head of the Business Development Center, would have urged them to consult with local businesses throughout the islands to see how many affected civil servants could be placed in private jobs.

Instead, the British displayed the very kind of administrative incompetence they decried in the local leaders they are now prosecuting. Because, after insisting that all of the points in this scheme were duly assessed within the context of meeting the increasingly elusive milestone of a balanced budget, all it took was a little protest to force them to double the lump sum ear-marked for weekly paid workers.

By the way, I think it’s important to state here for the record that, despite the highly publicized strikes that a fraction of our civil servants mounted recently, the vast majority of us understand and fully support the ongoing effort to right size our civil service. We just regret the seemingly haphazard way the British are going about it.

Continuing on, I explained to Mr Bellingham and others that it sends an untenable neo-colonial message that not one TC Islander is amongst the many advisers the UK has retained for everything from drafting constitutional and electoral reforms to formulating our crown land policy. Moreover, that when this slight is coupled with the gratuitous insult of their refusal to re-appoint a TC Islander as deputy governor our people can be forgiven the prevailing suspicion that the British impute to all of us the corruption and incompetence that led to the arrest of so many of our government ministers. I submitted, with all due respect, that ascribing collective guilt in this fashion is as unfair as it is unsustainable.

On a more practical note I stressed, amongst other things, the need for public financing of elections, a greater nexus between education scholarships and the skills needed to grow our economy,  and reform of our professional associations, suggesting in each case ways in which the UK can provide substantial support.

I concluded by lamenting that what the British are doing in the TCI these days seems geared more towards limiting their contingent liabilities than towards empowering us to govern ourselves. And, sure enough, Mr Alan Duncan, Minister of State for International Development, went out of his way to reinforce this point during his visit here last week.

But be that as it may, the prevailing point I made at that conference is the point I’ve been making to the British from day one of this interim administration, and it’s the point I wish to reiterate today, which is that their blueprint to ensure good governance and sound fiscal management will never be worth the paper it’s written on if they do not interact with us more as mentors and partners than as overseers and bankers.

Having said all that, I am confident we shall overcome all of the interpersonal and structural challenges we face. I am particularly encouraged in this regard by the commitment Governor Todd has undertaken to learn from past mistakes.

For there can be no denying that if the British had heeded my public pleas to empower this body to play a more meaningful role in drafting legislation, holding public officials to account, and making government decisions more transparent there would not be nearly as much apprehension and restiveness amongst our people towards them today.  Not to mention that we would not be experiencing the gravity-defying distress of paying more and more in taxes only to see our national debt going up and up.

There is still confusion, suspicion and frustration hanging like dark clouds over the TCI Bank, Provo Stevedoring, the Shore Club, and Interhealth Canada.  I am convinced however that these are just a few of the controversial matters we could have been instrumental in resolving some time ago.

But no matter our disaffection over the way the British are treating us, nor our disappointment over the way they are managing our affairs, there is simply no excuse for the epidemic of apathy and cynicism that is spreading amongst our people.  It will not do, for example, for us to protest in the streets about constitutional reforms when virtually none of us can even be bothered to submit suggestions on what constitutes the best path to TCI citizenship.

Finally, my wish for the New Year is that this body will be duly empowered to fulfill its mandate to advise the governor on government affairs, to represent the interests and concerns of TC Islanders in the drafting of legislation and formulation of new policies, and to communicate to our people – in an informed manner – not just what this interim administration is doing but, more importantly, how what this interim administration is doing impacts our lives.

Hope springs eternal.

Forum Chair Statement on Funding of SIPT

Fellow members, it speaks volumes about the communication and transparency we are getting from this interim administration that an expenditure so fundamental as the funding of the SIPT could be shrouded in the type of confusion that was plainly manifest in this body this morning.

To say that we have been given mixed messages in this respect is to put as charitable a spin on this matter as I can muster.

Suffice it to know however that I shall seek a meeting with the governor and the FCO within the next 24 hours and so that I can issue a clarifying statement on the funding of the SIPT by the end of business on Thursday.

But members and the general public should be advised that we are referring in this instance only to the funding of the SIPT and civil recovery team, not to the UK advisers – all of whom the CEO and permanent secretary for finance confirmed just days ago are being funded by the UK government.


Celebrities love Turks and Caicos Islands

A lot of celebrities are visiting every year  Turks and Caicos Islands.Some of them like Donna Karan,Bruce Wills have their beauty full homes there,some of them like Michael Douglas,Denzel Washington,De Niro are coming for holidays.They are enjoying the beauty of the islands.

They are permanent celebrities there too,they are living there and they are enjoying Turks too.

I will tell you a story about them.

It was July 2009,

the court-house in Providenciales was again very hot,hot not only with the cases,it was also hot with the celebrities of the island.

“The Torch” was reporting  about the events on that day,he was  reporting  about the other celebrities,who attended on this day  the court of Providenciales:

Misterr Shaun Malcolm,Misterr Richard Berke,Misterr John Hartley were on that day in this very hot court room.

They were not only Misterrrr”s there,

Misss Monique Allen,the lawyer wife of Misterr John Hartley was in the court room too.

It was the second episode of a show.The first episode was one week earlier on the stage.Iit was very attractive episode about the “accidental” release of the unredacted report,”a dump luck”.

The court was very hot.

The celebrities in the court were like hunters,very exited.

Who are these celebrities?

Why they were  on that day together in this court room?

What is their gaol?

Which interests or  interest of conflicts they have?

I never met them,but they are very kindly and mentioning me all the time , I am very important topic in their daily business.

They like me very much  and they wrote about me several stories.Sometimes Misterr Torch,sometimes Misterr Malcolm,I am sure Misterr Berke too.

Misss Allen is earning a lot of money through me,because she and her office representing several interests(Interests of conflicts) about  me.

She and her office was representing my Ex-partner for Dellis Cay,

She and her office was representing TTUTC(the institution from Trinidad and Tobacco ,who took unlawful the receivership of Dellis Cay and stopped the construction 2 years ago).

She and her office was representing several purchasers of Dellis Cay,because I and my team recommended them to our purchasers beside O’Tim Sullivan,another very important person in Turks and Caicos Islands. My former lawyer Mr Owen Foley likes also very much him and her and  her and him .

She was representing TCI Journal on that day in July in the court of Providenciales.

She is representing the receiver of Dellis Cay, Mr William Tacon.

I have no idea ,whom she else representing about Dellis Cay and me.

Misterr John Hartley,the husband of Misss Monique Allen,another celebrity,has two faces.

Beside Misterr John Hartley,John Hartley  is using a fake name,”The Torch”.I dont know why he is using this powerful fake name.His ideas ,his vision for this country  are not too bad.His letters to Mandarin Oriental Hotels and   TTUTC,on 30th of June,some days before unlawful publishing of unredacted Commission of Inquiry Report and weeks before this court attendance,are very important proofs,that he knew as “Torch” a lot of things before we knew or TCI Islander knew about the events in TCI.Yhis guy has very important “contacts” as a celebrity of Turks and Caicos Islands.

Who is Shaun Malcolm,who is TCI Journal?

I never met Misterr Malcolm.Most probably we would be “friends or brothers”,when he would meet me one time!But I know one thing,I am sure,he will never forget my name,because he got famous only through me.I am sure,when he will apply for a job in a real and good newspaper,he will use his stories about me as reference,his stories written some times as Shaun Malcolm,

sometimes as “name withheld by request”,

sometimes as Diana DI Gar,

sometimes  as Jimmmy with my picture,sometimes as Jimmmmy with a woman picture.He likes to be faced with woman names and pictures.

I don’t know,why?

Enjoy Turks and Caicos Islands Dear Misterrrssss and Missssesss


“The Colleberators” in Turks and Caicos Islands

Misterrr Shaun Malcolm,a man who is a “celebrity” in Turks and Caicos Islands.Who are his Make Uppers?Shaun Malcolm is attacking everybody in this country.


Sometimes he is attacking Lord Ashcroft,the biggest investor in the islands,

Sometimes he is attacking developers like Dr.Cem Kinay,Jack Vivre,Mario Hoffmann,

He is insulting all the politicians in the country,even sometimes he is attacking Governors of the country,

He is attacking,attacking ,attacking.He is a destroyer.Why?

He uses the photo of Cem Kinay,to make insulting reports or comments in every possible reports about Turks and Caicos Islands, he uses fake names like Jimmmy or Diana.

He has his own site called TCI Journal, if you want to read more sick insults.

He has his Make Up from some his colleberators.I would like to share some facts about this:

1The TCI Journal is not a legal entity, and is not registered as a corporation or trade name in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Furthermore, none of the TCI Journal ‘writers’ are licensed journalists. They don’t have work permits, and most of them do not live in the Turks and Caicos Islands. They have however assets in Turks and Caicos Islands.

2- The TCI Journal was founded by Shaun Malcolm and Gurcharan Singh who offered financial and technical support. Shaun Malcolm’s uncle, Craig Archibald’s wife is the Sister of Gurcharan Singh’s Wife.

3Gurcharan Singh (“Singh”) is the bearer of a valid U.S. Social Security Number issued in the state of Texas in 1988. Database sources show that, in the U.S., Singh has been associated with addresses only in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

4- Software Engineer with TCI Companies Singh is a software engineer who has been involved in information technology since the 1980s, according to his biography in an annual report for his former company IQ-Ludorum PLC.

5- In a later 2005 foreclosure proceeding against him (see below), Singh was identified as having a Canadian passport (#BA117143), but appears to have had various business operations in the TCI. Singh has been affiliated with:

a. Affine Investment Holdings, a Turks and Caicos company of which he allegedly is the sole owner, according to pleadings from Scott Barrett v. Gurcharan Singh, et al., filed in Miami Dade Circuit Court in 2005.

b. IQ-Ludorum PLC (now known as Continuum Payment Solutions PLC), a London-based internet gaming software company involved in casino payment operations. Singh reportedly co-founded the company and was the company’s executive director through 2005, according to press coverage and a 2004 annual report attached to pleadings in 1st Technology LLC v. IQ-Ludorum PLC, et al., filed in federal court in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2006.

c. Norbellis Foundation, Ltd. a TCI-domiciled not-for-profit founded by Singh that focuses on education in the developing world, according to the 2004 IQ-Ludorum annual report. Norbellis Foundation has been active in the TCI on environmental projects. For example, in 2004, the foundation was involved with the Turks and Caicos National Trust in developing an “eco centre” in Banbarra, Middle Caicos at the site of a school donated by the TCI government, according to a UK Overseas Territories Forum newsletter published that year. Norbellis is now cited as a “partner in education” on the TCI Department of Education website.

d. ISI Executive Holdings, Ltd., a TCI-domiciled company solely owned by Singh, according to the February 2007 settlement agreement from Scott Barrett v. Gurcharan Singh, et al. filed in Miami Dade Circuit Court and the 2004 IQ-Ludorum annual report.

6- Since 2005, when he was reportedly removed from the board of IQ-Ludorum, Singh appears to have had trouble paying his U.S.-based creditors. The following judgments and foreclosure proceedings have been filed against his Miami property:

a. In October 2005, Scott Barrett — an apparent investor in Singh’s IQLudorum— sought to foreclose on Singh’s Miami residence for nonpayment of approximately $640,000 in loans to Singh. In February 2007, Singh and Barrett entered into a settlement for $885,000 plus Singh’s shareholder interest in IQ-Ludorum/Continuum Payment Solutions. The judgment noted that if Singh failed to pay Barrett, the Bayshore Dr. property would be sold to the public. Later that month, Barrett filed another lawsuit claiming that Singh was not honoring the judgment of the court and had failed to pay the stipulated amount.

b. In November 2005, JP Morgan Chase also filed a lis pendents in conjunction with a foreclosure proceeding filed against Singh in Miami Dade County Circuit Court, naming Singh and his unnamed spouse. One month later, Singh’s spouse was dropped from the foreclosure.

c. In May 2006, American Express Travel Related Services entered a “stipulation for payment” noting that the company was entitled to recover $15,000 from Singh. In December 2007, a judge ruled that Singh would have to pay American Express Travel Related Services $8,000. Singh satisfied this judgment in August 2008.

d. In May 2007, the Grove Towers Condominium Association filed a notice of lis pendens against Singh’s property with the Recorder’s office with a lawsuit seeking to collect unpaid condo fees from Singh. In January 2008, Singh and the condo association entered into a settlement agreement under which he was to pay $31,000 in maintenance fees. The $31,000 judgment was recorded against the property.

e. In May 2008, EMC Mortgage Corporation filed a notice of lis pendents with the Recorder’s office in conjunction with a foreclosure proceeding filed against Singh in Miami Dade County Circuit Court. In May 2009, EMC Mortgage Corporation voluntarily dropped Singh’s unnamed wife from the suit.

Gurcharan Singh ,Shaun Malcolm and his collaborators’ agenda is most likely 2 fold:

a. Politics:

i. to place Shaun Malcolm in the Politics

ii. to get help from Shaun Malcolm’s position in Politics

b. Money

i. to eliminate notable developers in the Turks and Caicos Islands;

ii. to engage in development activities either directly or through connected supporters to fix his finances;

Shaun Malcolm thinks he will run the country with the help of the UK, once everyone is done spinning in circles wondering what’s happening and the blaming of others stops. Shaun has created infighting between different factions, expats blaming Belongers – everyone blaming the former government, etc.

But is it so simple or are they another connections to destroy Turks and Caicos Islands?

Please follow the next reports ,next Episodes of the story.

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