Carnival Cruise Port in Grand Turk to Reopen on 01st April 2013

Carnival Cruise Port to Reopen on 1st April 2013

Published in TCI Post on 24th of March.

Since the closure of the Carnival Cruise Port in Grand Turk, many persons far and near have asked me if I have any idea when the Cruise Port is likely to reopen.
Well folks, I have made inquires into the matter and I have been reliably informed that the Cruise Port will reopen on or about the 1st of April 2013.
I hope this information is able to take care of the concerns of those who inquired.
By way of background, the Cruise port was close after it was revealed that symptoms of a virus suffered Grand Turk residents was linked to the Cruise Port. There were various speculations as to the cause of the virus but in the absence of credible information , we are not going to speculate.
However the Ministry of Health, along with the Premier Dr. Rufus Ewing and officials of Carnival apparently worked together to deal with the situation. Carnival apparently made the decision to close the port pending investigations into the matter by Health Officials.
The Ministry of Health recently put out a press release stating that reports of the virus are on the decrease.
It appears that the situation has improved rapidly and Carnival is now confident that the Cruise Port will reopen by April 1 2013. JG