Mr.Butch Stewart

Threesome Governor Todd/Butch Stewart/PDM
Published in TCI Post on 04.04.2013

As many readers may have noticed the Jamaican Observer a newspaper owned and operated by Butch Stewart has in the last few months begun publishing lots of articles about events in the TCI.
I’ve thought was very strange and unusual so I decided to do digging.
I reliably informed that Butch Stewart was granted a licence by the relevant authorities to start a newspaper in the Turks and Caicos specifically Provo.
An inside source with knowledge of the proposed operations informed me that the Governor/the Brits and Mr. Butch Stewart were/are not at all pleased with the coverage they have been receiving from the local media (all forms) so they have decided that the best way to get their spin out there is to open a newspaper in TCI.
It is also alleged that the Hon. Shawn Astwood (with the blessing of Hon. Sharlene Cartwright, Leader of the Opposition) worked closely with Mr. Stewart to get the necessary licenses for the operation.
To those who are thinking this venture will provide jobs for TCIs, think again as we all know Butch Stewart hires Jamaicans first and I’m guessing that all the work for this newspaper will be done in Jamaica.