Story of Dr Cem Kinay in Turks and Caicos Islands Part 1

Here is my story:
1. I practiced medicine at the General Hospital of Vienna in Austria. I received my PhD from the University of Vienna Medical School in 1984.
I am Austrian Citizen, Belonger of Turks and Caicos Islands.
I was born in Istanbul Turkey, graduated from Austrian school in Istanbul in 1977.
2. In 1987, Magister Oguz Serim, my other Austrian citizen partner, and I set up a tour operator by the name of Gulet Touristik, the largest tour operator in Austria.
In 1990, Mr Serim and I founded the first ” All Inclusive Hotel Operator” in Europe, the Magic Life Group (“Magic Life”).
Magic Life owned and managed luxury properties in Turkey, Austria, Greece, Tunisia, Spain,Egypt and Bulgaria.
In 1997, Mr Serim and I established a further tour operator, Gulet Touropa Touristik.
In 2004, we sold Magic Life and Gulet Touristik to the German tourism group TUI AG, one of the world’s largest tour operators.
3. I am widely recognized for my contributions to the travel industry, In 1996 I was lauded as Austria’s “Tourism Manager of the Year” and

in 1997, as “Man of the Year” and

finally on 2006, I have been honored with “State Medal Of Austria”

My partner Oguz has also been provided with the same honor.
4. Mr. Serim and I have founded 2 Austrian Foundations and all
proceeds of the Magic Life sale was donated to the Foundations. Foundations
owned beneficially Turks Ltd, a Turks and Caicos Islands ordinary company incorporated in the Turks and Caicos Islands (“the TCI”) a British Overseas
Territory in the West Indies according advise of our well known lawyers in Providenciales and Miami.
The Dellis Cay project
5. My involvement in the TCI dates from early 2005 at which time I was seeking
development opportunities for the development company, the O Property
Collection Gmbh, Austria which was also owned beneficially by the Austrian
2 foundations . The aim of O Property Collection was to leverage my and my partner Oguz Serim’s successful background in luxury resort development and
management. They are highly regarded in that industry.
6. I was introduced to Donatella Zignone Dini, then the owner of Dellis Cay, a
private island of 560 acres of which 220 acres were privately owned by one of her companies Dellis Cay Development Company Ltd (DCDC), and the remaining 340 acres TCIG owned in the Turks and Caicos Islands. As of 30 June 2005, Dellis Cay had no Development Agreement, therefore no zoning, no permits, no water, some roads, and an underground electricity line passing through the island.
Turks Ltd bought the island for US$18 million.

Dr.Cem Kinay first arrival on Dellis Cay 2005